Home Security Monitoring

Home Security Monitoring

Keep your family and possessions safe from intruders, fires, and chemical dangers (carbon monoxide) and monitor all other potential hazards at the same time including floors and temperature fluctuations.

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24/7 Alarm Center:

You want the fastest response times available, choose a professional team that uses the most up-to-date equipment to monitor your home and emit fast responders.

Alarm Monitoring:

As soon as a burglar comes near your home, they are being watched! The alarm professionals will dispatch the police ASAP.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide:

If the system detects levels of carbon monoxide it will sound the alarm in the house and alert the live 24/7 security team.

Fire and Smoke Alerts:

Once the smoke detector is triggered inside your home, the automated security system will contact the live monitoring staff and contact your local fire dept at once.


Water damage can come out of the blue and wreak total havoc on your home with damage and dangerous mold! Protect your home with sensors throughout that monitor disturbances and alert the security team so they can contact you. Any alarming fluctuations in temperature are also being monitored.

Emergency Alert System:

This medical alert system is activated when an emergency happens in or around the house though your phone or intercom system. But when you can not get to a phone or the intercom, rest assured that your family members can also be proved with a key-fob device they wear on them – just press the button and medical help is on the way to your fixed location.


Emergency panic buttons are installed throughout the house and connected directly to the alarm company (police too as an option) where they will monitor the situation and dispatch the appropriate emergency services.

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Home security is a must these days as there are many more “crazy people” out there doing desperate things – protect your family and your home from those kinds of threats and dangers now.

Wireless Home Security – Smart Alarms

With today’s technology you can arm and disarm your home security system right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer remotely.

Also receive alerts from sensors in your home regarding temperature changes and potential flood watches, know the dangers and threats before they happen.

Monitor your entire home through video technology via your smartphone, tablet, or computer when you are home – to see who’s at the door before answering it – or if you just want to monitor things around the house while away from the home. Great way to catch a snoop in the act.

Did you know you can even control all the lighting and thermostats remotely? Yes you can! Come home to a warm or cool home by adjusting the temperature settings while at work or shopping. As long as your home’s lighting and A/C units are integrated with your home security system, you can take advantage of this feature.

Since today’s home security systems are “smart”, you can receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet about weather, traffic reports, and local news and how those occurrences may effect your home’s security. You can even unlock and lock the doors remotely with the push of a button (great for maids, dog walkers, babysitters, etc) by having the ability to automatically do this on a specified schedule as well.

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Of course all of this is customizable to your liking so you can personalize your home’s security to fit your needs.

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